About My Art

Whether shooting magnificent orchids - up-close and personal - or the expansive landscapes of the Southwest, I focus on the unique natural designs, patterns and colors that our world has to offer on a daily basis.


From my earliest memory of shooting with a simple Kodak brownie or Polaroid Swinger to working with today’s digital cameras, I have been constantly learning the "art of seeing" the world around me and attempting to share what I see. When I produce a photograph, I try not to do any digital processing that could not have been done in a darkroom, with the exception of the work on the digital watercolors.


My work includes orchids and other flora, sunsets, landscapes and abstracts in both color and B&W.  My work has been in numerous shows and galleries.  I am excited to present this select collection to show the variety of images available.  All images are available on canvas, traditional photographic paper, watercolor paper, acrylic or metal formats in sizes up to 72” to enliven your home or office. inquire about customizing your choice of image.


Contact me for more details - info@conneryphotography.com


Thank you,


Robert Connery